October 21, 2010

Exclusive : They are all came back !!! (Photos)

The Stars from the First and Second Season are here for shooting the Final of Casi Angles we got the pictures..

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October 20, 2010

The mayor greeted the staff of Casi Angeles

The municipal mayor Alberto Adolfo Alsina Gutt met at noon yesterday in the armed movie set in the ruins of Villa Lago Epecuén, with members of the staff of "Casi Angeles."The commune chief toured the site of recording and talked with farmers and field director and also welcomed the youth players of the strip and the opportunity they presented the shield is representative of Adolfo Alsina.
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Leo Calderone, author Of Casi Angeles "It Change Our Lives"

We talked with the authorial team coordinator of "Angels", Leandro (Leo) Calderone and we ask you to answer some questions that make this long-awaited end of the fourth season that closes the entire cycle of one of fictions most viewed Argentina TV. A product that looks at the world and in this grand finale is a return to iconic figures who return to join the farewell.
- How to live to write the ending of Casi Angeles after four seasons?"Everyone in the authorial team (Luis Mariani, Paul Arosio, Erika Halvorsen and I) had a very strange feeling ... it cost us drop the last chapter, it delayed, withheld. We realized that we were putting the final touch to a stage rather than a series. Casi Angeles changed our lives at all, and we are living the final with a complex mix of feelings, but above all with pride, happiness and satisfaction with what we have achieved.
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In the final chapters will answer all the questions, resolve all mysteries, from the largest to the smallest, all the loose ends left during the four seasons are closed in the last chapters. We are very proud of the final chapter, I think we gave the series the ending it deserved.
- They thought each return?. Emi, Nico, moans, Juli, Alejo, guys .. what is the sense of these returns for the final, including Peto?"Yes, several months earlier to move toward the end, we begin to think about it. And the first thing we decided was we wanted to close, somehow, with all the emblematic characters who passed through CA. The peculiarity of the series about the fantasy genre, we can play with time, and we seal the story, a story that said his line of argument during the four seasons. This final is not just the end of the fourth season, is the end of a four-year history. We are happy with all the friends who joined this great final.
- What would you like to stay for four years of CA in the soul of their fans?"Besides providing entertainment every evening, we wanted to offer our audience something else. I think we were breaking down the prejudice that is on the programs of this kind, and could reach the public with valuable content. The leitmotiv of the four seasons of Casi Angeles was the rescue of values, which reached its peak in this final season, called "The Resistance", an invitation to resist the values in a declining world sometimes.I wish that when passing anecdote in the memory of our viewers, transcends the concept of Casi Angeles, something we have worked with great seriousness, commitment and conviction.My eternal gratitude to Chris for allowing me to be part of this event that changed our lives forever.

October 18, 2010

Resultant From The Vote "Best Ballades"

Best Ballades

  • Pedro Lanzani –Donde Estas 26.47% (9 votes)
  • Teen Angels - Resiste 5.88% (2 votes)
  • Gaston I Rocio – Abre Tus Ojos 2.94% (1 vote)
  • Eugenia Suarez – Te Perdi 14.71% (5 votes)
  • Pedro Lanziani – Una Vez Mas 5.88% (2 votes)
  • Teen Angels – Vuelvo A Casa 5.88% (2 votes)
  • Mariana Esposito – Hay Un Lugar 14.71% (5 votes)
  • Pablo Martinez (Simon) – De Cabeza 2.94% (1 vote)
  • Gaston Dalmau – El Espejo 0.00% (0 votes)
  • Pedro Lanziani – Nena 5.88% (2 votes)
  • Nicolas Vasquez & Emilia Attias – Dos ojos 14.71% (5 votes)

October 17, 2010

Official Photos From The Show in San Juan

October 14, 2010

Alejo Garcia Pintos recorded today (Bartolome) in Pampa

Alejo García Pintos, is now filming in Pampa studies, excited to go to get into the role of Bartholomew.Nobody knows what will Leo Calderone to assemble a final in which Barto out on stage, did a flashback? "A memory? A resurrection? .. No one knows, but all we are delighted that all recorded together, although we all know it's because there are only about 10 chapters to write, or even less.There's nothing left for the studios close their doors Pampa scenes Almost Angels forever, and perhaps for the last strip of Cris Morena Group.A great happiness for the discovery of a beautiful and magnificent cast, is what we all feel, but at the same time, we know that there is time, and that things are completed.

"Supertorpe" is gonna be on TELEFE

"Supertorpe" is the new test would produce juvenile Cris Morena with her son Tomas Yankelevich. Last year a pilot was shot on the idea that players would Candela Vetrano and Paul Martinez, both co-stars of Casi Angeles.It seems that the project is taking shape and will produce the production of Tomas Yankelevich "Utopia."Juvenile strip was designed pair cable and also to Telefe and soundtrack eSATA program by Cris Morena, single task, until the creator of so many successes juveniles.The fiction that tear in 2011 was not recorded in the studies Pampa, production and reached an agreement and tell you that would be recorded entirely in Telefe.